Property Tax – Legally Blind Exemption

According to the State of Maine website (April 2011), an individual who is determined to be legally blind receives a $4,000 property tax exemption.

If you are eligible for a legally blind exemption on your property taxes, you must complete a form and file it by April 1 of the year with the town assessor. Forms filed after April 1 of any year will apply to the subsequent year tax assessment.

Partial exemptions, such as the legally blind exemption, must be adjusted by the municipality’s certified assessment ratio. The exemption requires completion of the application to the local town office where the property is located. Exemption claims may require additional information to support the claim for exemption, and must be delivered to the Assessor’s office no later than April 1 for the previous year’s tax assessment.

Click on the link below to access a copy of the form from the State of Maine website: