Building Committee

No Building Committee are scheduled currently. If you have questions about the committee, contact one of the committee members listed below.

The committee’s objective is to investigate and present to the Board of Selectmen ideas for improving the current building conditions either by building a new building or upgrading the old.

This process will be done by, but not limited to, the process of talking to professionals, people who utilize the building and public hearings with taxpayers.

Members were appointed to this advisory committee on Oct. 6, 2010.

They are:

  • Wayne Collins – (207) 327-2299
  • Jack Heineman – (207) 327-1000 or (207) 745-5549 (cell)
  • Dale Pineo Sr. – (207) 327-2226
  • Maureen Scranton – (207) 327-1136
  • Brenda Willette – (207) 942-2588